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Viasat Unveils New Global Brand Identity

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Viasat Unveils New Global Brand Identity

CARLSBAD, CaliforniaDec. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Viasat Inc. (Nasdaq: VSAT), a global communications company, today unveiled its new strategic, global brand identity. As part of the new identity, Viasat has consolidated its key sub-brands – including Exede™ consumer internet, Yonder™ Ku-band aviation service, among others – under one Viasat master brand. The Company also introduced a new logo and visual identity system.

"Our previous brand proudly served Viasat for more than three decades, but as our service portfolio expands both domestically and internationally across consumer, enterprise, aviation and maritime markets, and our defense business continues to defy industry trends, there is greater value for us to present one unified brand to customers and partners around the world," said Mark Dankberg, Viasat's chairman and CEO. "Drawing on the industry reputation and strength of relationships we've built in each segment of our business, we believe one brand can help us grow market and consumer awareness as well as attract the very best talent around the world."

Viasat also updated its corporate logo and visual identity system, reflecting a signal of growth and opportunity. The new logo is intended to be more modern and friendly as it will be applied to new industry sectors and in more international markets, while still maintaining continuity with government and enterprise customers and partners.

Dankberg continued, "There's never been a more exciting time to be a part of Viasat. The impending launch of ViaSat-2 services will move us farther up-market in technology and service levels, and with our ViaSat-3 constellation we expect to realize our ambition to be the first truly global, scalable, broadband service provider. Additionally, our work on cybersecurity, tactical data links, virtualization, web acceleration, digital media, and more all contribute to our ability to deliver connections that can change the world. It's for these reasons that now was the right time to evolve our brand."

The new brand system was developed in close consultation with a leading global branding agency. The team conducted substantial research among key stakeholders to develop the unifying brand. The identity system incorporates a flexible approach to support Viasat's disparate product suite while also providing room for future growth. 
For more information, and a behind the scenes look at the brand, visit Viasat's corporate blog here.

About Viasat Viasat is a global communications company that believes everyone and everything in the world can be connected. For more than 30 years, Viasat has helped shape how consumers, businesses, governments and militaries around the world communicate. Today, the Company is developing the ultimate global communications network to power high-quality, secure, affordable, fast connections to impact people's lives anywhere they are—on the ground, in the air or at sea. To learn more about Viasat, visit: www.viasat.com, go to Viasat's corporate blog, or follow the Company on social media at: FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre To Host Over 30 High-Profile Events in 2018

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre To Host Over 30 High-Profile Events in 2018

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre’s (the Centre) award-winning team is busy gearing up to deliver the ultimate delegate experience in 2018, with 30 confirmed major high-profile events already on its calendar.
These events are expected to attract close to 440,000 delegates and visitors to the Centre; Malaysia’s premier purpose-built facility and Asia’s only AIPC (International Association of Congress Centres) Gold Standard venue.
The calendar of events includes prestigious first timers - Worldchefs Congress & Expo 2018, 35th International Society for Quality in Healthcare (ISQua) International Conference 2018, World Cancer Congress 2018 and International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) World Congress 2018 - as well as eight Europe-based events, such as Girls not Bride Global Conference 2018 and International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) World Library and Information Congress 2018. In addition, long-standing events which have held every edition at the venue since opening, such as MIA Conference 2018, ARCHIDEX 2018, HRDF Conference & Exhibition 2018 and HOMEDEC 2018, continue to be the pillar of the Centre’s yearly business calendar.
Speaking on the sidelines of its 11th consecutive attendance at the Global Meetings & Events Expo (IBTM) World 2017, the Centre’s Sales & Marketing Director, Angeline van den Broecke, shared, “Our philosophy of delivering innovative and value-add solutions that are personalized through our partnership approach, creating bespoke experiences and memorable customer journeys, has been accepted and embraced by clients across the board. Our highly knowledgeable and professional team, commitment to continuous investment in venue maintenance and efforts to adapt our business model to meet new expectations and market conditions, have also played an important part in why we have such a strong calendar of events to look forward to next year.”
The Centre’s strategic location and precinct proposition also remain a powerful differentiator and the venue has enhanced this further through the establishment of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Business Events Alliance (KLCC BEA). A private sector initiative, the KLCC BEA is a powerful collective that provides a seamless and single point of first contact for Meeting Planners and Event Organisers. This allows the Centre to market the fully-integrated city centre offering and create an all-inclusive proposition for meetings and events from a venue, planner, accommodation and entertainment perspective.
The Centre’s expansion also continues to progress and is due to be completed in mid-2019. The extension will provide an additional 11,000 sqm of flexible and multi-purpose space, which means more room to comfortably accommodate larger exhibitions and international association meetings, as well as concurrent events, allowing new and current clients to grow their activities and/or events significantly. The mixed-use commercial development will enhance the Centre’s existing world-class infrastructure, grow Kuala Lumpur’s reputation as a premier business events destination and help attract more international events to Malaysia.
Attendees at IBTM World are welcome to visit BOOTH H60 to learn more about the fantastic business event opportunities provided by Malaysia and why the Centre’s flexible, innovative value propositions and customised client centric solutions make it the perfect business events partner.

Royal Jordanian offers multi-currency pricing

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Royal Jordanian offers multi-currency pricing

Royal Jordanian customers can now purchase their online air tickets and services in as many as 150 currencies thanks to a feature available online that enables the airline to set prices in currencies that local and international customers know and feel more comfortable with.
The feature is now available on www.rj.com and RJ mobile App. Moreover, the airline also gives its customers various payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Real-time Banking, Alipay, e-fawateercom and other options.
resident/CEO Stefan Pichler commented: “We are expanding our e-services to our customers for enhanced online shopping experience. With the multi-currency pricing (MPC), we now offer cardholders the convenience to shop, view prices and pay in the currency of their choice.
“The MPC allows our valuable guests to make confident buying decisions by knowing the final cost of the ticket or service they wish to purchase, with a guarantee of no surprises. This means that the amount our customers pay in their home currency matches their credit card statement amount.
“This is great news for our Jordanian customers in particular, thanks to the multi-currency service that will give them the advantage of processing their payments in Jordanian dinars through the different methods of payments applicable, regardless of the city of departure.”
He added: “The MCP solution helps RJ expand into the global marketplace with greater incentives for international browsers to choose us for their next purchase. It will also maximize the effectiveness of our global sales promotions that we are currently executing on our route network.”
This compelling feature is also bound to reduce customers’ complaints related to online sales and chargebacks.

CEIR updates report examining how the exhibit dollar is spent

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για CEIR updates report examining how the exhibit dollar is spent

DALLAS – The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) released an updated version of its popular report, How the Exhibit Dollar is Spent, originally published in 2014.
“CEIR is pleased to update these metrics. Exhibitors, organizers and suppliers alike will benefit from understanding where exhibitors spend their marketing dollars on trade shows,” said CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE. “It is a resource that helps exhibitors benchmark their spending allocations to industry norms and helps organizers and suppliers understand how much of exhibitor spending they are capturing.”
This report estimates that in 2017, exhibitor direct spending rose to $25.3 billion in nominal dollars. 2017 How the Exhibit Dollar is Spent informs readers how these expenditures break down and identifies where spending has remained constant - versus increasing - compared to 2016 levels.
The outlook for 2018 exhibitor property plans are also disclosed, reporting the percentage of exhibitors planning to use their exhibits as is; to invest in refurbishments or new exhibit purchases; or to contract to rent exhibits. Results reveal there is a healthy market for refurbishing services, and a notable percentage of exhibitors are planning to make new exhibit purchases.
The expenditure categories in this report include: exhibit space; exhibit design; show services; shipping; exhibit staff training; travel and entertainment; pre-show promotions; on-site promotional materials; off show floor promotions; on-site sponsorship and advertising; and lead management and measurement.
In addition to total results, differences in spending allocation are provided by annual revenues, annual marketing budgets and by specific CEIR sectors.
Online survey results are based on a study conducted by CEIR this summer, polling a sampling of exhibitors from lists provided by Fern, Freeman, GES, Hargrove and Shepard Exposition Services. A total of 424 exhibitors responded.
The projected exhibitor direct spend for 2017 is an update of CEIR’s exhibitor direct spending estimate for 2014 and uses data from the CEIR Index for the first two quarters of 2017.

MSC Seaside will offer walks on waters to the passengers

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για MSC Seaside will offer walks on waters to the passengers

MSC Seaside, the world’s newest high-tech luxury cruise ship was unveiled that enable the passengers to have walk on waters.

This luxury cruise ship will build with an innovative “beach condo” style structure. The stylish new flagship of the MSC fleet was officially welcomed by the cruise line in a flag ceremony today at the Fincanteri shipyard in Monfalcone, marking its handover from the Italian shipmaker, where the company also announced the launch of its Seaside EVO ships, two new vessels to be delivered in 2021 and 2023.

Both ships will be bigger than MSC Seaside, with a length of 339 metres, which is offering more cabins that can host up to 5,646 passengers, and be equipped with the latest advanced “state-of-the-art” environmental technology that meet the “highest” and “strictest” port environment standards.

The unique design of  MSC Seaside features are a wrap-around seafront promenade which are dubbed to be the widest on any ship ever built in tracing the perimeter of the 323m-long ship, dotted by a series of bars and restaurants, while its two 40m-long glass-floored catwalks have been designed to simulate the feeling of walking on water.

There are other vertigo-inducing highlights include a glass-bottomed pathway (known as the Bridge of Sighs) at Deck 16 where guests can capture never-before-seen views from 40 metres above the ocean, as well as two panoramic glass lifts offering 360-degree vistas while transporting guests between the ship’s main pool areas and other decks.

It is designed to “bring guests closer to the sea than ever before”, more than 75 per cent of the 5,119-capacity passenger ship’s cabins offer ocean views, including a selection of adaptable modular cabins that can accommodate up to 10 guests.

The new ship by MSC Seaside also houses the most interactive water park at sea, built with five attractions including the first-ever “slideboarding” facility, featuring 160m-long duelling waterslides. Other entertainment options on offer include the two longest zip lines at sea, each stretching 105 metres, a full-size bowling alley, an interactive 5D cinema and an F1 racing simulator. The cruise line of MSC Seaside has also worked with several digital companies including Samsung and Hewlett Packard to deliver what’s said to be cruising industry’s “largest all-encompassing digital innovation programme”, which will be incorporated across the cruise line’s other upcoming nine new ships.

Advantages of international travel for Young People

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Advantages of international travel for Young People

A new study titled 'The Power of Travel' uncovered the impact of travel on young travelers. Contiki commissioned the study, advised by leading social psychologist Adam Ganlinsky, PhD, Columbia Business School, surveying 3,000 18-35 year olds around the world.
The findings uncover the profound positive impact travel has on young people – from their careers, learning goal orientation and political involvement to their self-efficacy, interracial connection, open-mindedness and cultural awareness.
The study reveals the overwhelming positive influence that international travel stimulates; key insights ascertain that those who travel have a more positive perception of themselves, their place in the world (75 percent) and what they can achieve in life (25 percent). Findings prove that young travelers have stronger interpersonal relationships and actively seek out new friendships (42 percent). They're more successful in their careers, as they're better equipped with more marketable skills, such as adaptability, open-mindedness and creative thinking – and they aren't afraid to take on new challenges. Their increased trust of different cultures and political involvement lends them to be more globally and economically aware. Over all, they are 19 percent happier than their peers who have not traveled internationally.
"It's evident through our research and 55+ years of expertise that travel transforms the traveler and the traveler transforms the world," says Adam Cooper, Contiki U.S. president. "We're thrilled to launch a campaign that celebrates the importance of unifying the world and creating young global citizens." 
To visually demonstrate the transformative power of travel, Contiki identified one New Yorker who had never left the U.S. and gave him the chance to step outside his routine and travel on a Contiki trip.  In partnership with one of the world's brightest young documentary filmmakers and former VICELAND producer, Tom Gould– the brand created a film that follows José Baez as he travels through Europe's Adriatic coast.
The Video features José experiencing new cultures, people, and food in a new environment.  The result? – an empowering portrayal that encapsulates the core reasons of why travel is such a crucial experience for young people.

Senior Chinese tourists are more attracted to Polar Regions

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Senior Chinese tourists are more attracted to Polar Regions

As per the reports of thepaper.cn, an increasing number of seniors from China are reportedly planning trips to the Polar Regions.

indexLast year, over 3,944 people from China went to the South Pole which is 40 times the number from the year 2008. In the report it was mentioned that the average age of those exploring the high-cost trips from China is somewhere around 55 years.

Observers have further suggested that the polar tour length can be between 15 to 30 days, attracting older Chinese people who have the means.

Majority of the Chinese tourism agencies have been promoting polar tourism from the latter half of this year. Nevertheless, the trips aren’t much budget friendly.

LY.COM, a Chinese tour provider, calculates the costs for polar tours for upcoming 2018-2019 session will run anywhere from 70,000 rmb to 600,000 rmb.

On the other hand, Ctrip is quoting prices around 880,000 rmb, which is the almost the buying price for an average small apartment in certain smaller cities in China.

25th World Travel Monitor Forum in Pisa: Steady growth for Asian outbound travel in 2017

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Steady growth for Asian outbound travel in 2017

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για 25th World Travel Monitor Forum in Pisa: Steady growth for Asian outbound travel in 2017Asians are going on more international trips than ever, although the growth rate has slowed this year after a 9 percent increase in 2016. The main trends over the first eight months of 2017 include a continued rise in sun & beach holidays, more city trips and a good comeback for travel to Europe after a downturn last year. The outlook for 2018 remains good with further mid-single-digit growth expected. These were some of the results of the 25th World Travel Monitor® Forum in Pisa, Italy (November 9-10). At this exclusive industry meeting, initiated at the invitation of consultancy IPK International and supported by ITB Berlin, around 50 tourism experts and academics from around the world present the latest figures and current trends in international tourism.

The number of outbound trips by Asians grew by 5 percent between January and August 2017, according to World Travel Monitor® figures. This is behind the very strong 9 percent increase achieved in 2016 but is in line with the World Travel Monitor® forecast of 6 percent growth for this year, which was made 12 months ago. “Asian outbound was exceptionally strong in 2016, especially due to high growth for intra-regional travel. This year we are seeing a return to a more normal long-term growth rate,” commented Rolf Freitag, CEO of IPK International, which conducts the World Travel Monitor®.

Asian travelers head for beaches and return to Europe

Asian travelers went on more leisure trips than ever this year, especially to beach destinations. Holiday trips increased by 5 percent between January and August, thus maintaining a high 82 percent share of all Asian international trips. The number of sun & beach holidays increased very strongly by 15 percent over the first eight months, and they now account for 23 percent of all holiday trips, according to World Travel Monitor® figures. City trips continued to perform well with a very good 9 percent increase but the number of tours covering several destinations fell slightly. The average length of outbound trips by Asians was 6 nights so far, remaining at the same level as last year, while average spending increased by 2 percent.

In terms of destination regions, Europe has proven popular with Asians this year with a 7 percent increase in trips over the first eight months, according to World Travel Monitor® figures. This is a clear comeback for Destination Europe which suffered a slight drop in Asian visitor numbers last year following various security incidents. In comparison, there was only a low 2 percent increase in Asian trips to the Americas over the first eight months of this year. Most Asians, however, travel within their own region. Intra-regional trips showed a healthy 4.5 percent increase between January and August.

Good year for most Asian destinations

These trends for Asian outbound travel are also reflected in figures from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) which show a 6 percent rise in international arrivals in Asia and the Pacific from January to August this year. South Asia has led growth so far this year with a strong 10 percent rise, followed by South-East Asia (+8 percent) and Oceania (+7 percent). However, North-East Asia had relatively more modest growth of 3 percent due to mixed results, according to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer for January-August 2017.

Dr. Martin Buck, Messe Berlin’s Senior Vice President Travel & Logistics, commented: “It looks like Asian long-haul travelers are preferring Europe to the Americas this year, which is a clear sign that they have recovered confidence in visiting European destinations. At the same time, Asians want to relax on sun & beach holidays more than ever, while demand for city trips remains strong. These two trends offer good prospects for destinations around the world.”
Looking ahead to 2018, another good year can be expected for Asian outbound travel, which will remain a driver of world growth. IPK International predicts a 6 percent rise in Asian outbound trips in 2018, based on its Asian Travel Confidence Index, which measures travel intentions for the next 12 months.

Seatrade Cruise Global unveils 2018 program

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Seatrade Cruise Global 2018

NEW YORK - Seatrade Cruise Global, the leading annual global business-to-business event in the cruise industry, has revealed its full 2018 conference program. Available at seatradecruiseglobal.com, this year's program will provide a platform to discuss topics and issues in cruising led by top executives, industry experts and thought-leaders. The 2018 edition marks the third year for Seatrade Cruise Global in Fort Lauderdale and the Broward County Convention Center taking place 5-8 March 2018.  
Highlights of the 2018 program include an Innovation Case Study series in the new Cruising Innovations Theater, regional spotlights and the second annual Seatrade Cruise Global Safety and Security Symposium. Over 25 panels are scheduled over four days delivering the most wide-ranging program to date.
"Seatrade Cruise Global 2017 featured a record number of cruise executives in attendance facilitating even more business between exhibitors and the industry than ever before," shares Chiara Giorgi, Brand Director for Seatrade Cruise Global. "Our programming team has once again outdone themselves to create an even more comprehensive schedule of panels to attract industry leaders and decision-makers to Seatrade Cruise Global 2018."
Seatrade Cruise Global 2018 will kick off on Monday 5 March, with the World Cruise Tourism Summit Part I – Striving to Deliver Authentic Experiences and the Future of the Shorex Industry. This roundtable discussion of cruise lines, tour operators and shore excursion authorities will dive into how brands can collaborate with a variety of stakeholders, look at partnerships differently and the challenges and success stories behind delivering authenticity. The afternoon World Cruise Tourism Summit Part II will delve into geo-politics and discussions on port planning and improvement. 
Tuesday 6 March, always the most-anticipated day at Seatrade Cruise Global, will begin with the 2018 State of the Global Cruise Industry keynote showcasing the CEOs of the world's largest cruise lines as they discuss growing capacity demand, ship deployment as well as geo-political challenges and technology advances. Additional details on the keynote will be revealed in the coming weeks.
Featuring eight different sessions throughout Tuesday, the conference will debut the new Innovation Case Study Series in the new Cruising Innovations Theater. The first program will be Enhancing the Onboard Culinary Experience, serving up shipboard dining trends. Cruise lines continue to advance the dining experience hiring seasoned chefs and crafting creative partnerships to deliver a wider range of local, fresh and healthy options onboard. This interactive cooking demonstration will address the challenges of a more discerning and diverse guest palate than ever before.
Another panel aimed at marketing and sales executives will look into the cruise world's crystal ball. Getting Out of the Cruising Bubble and Attracting the Consumer of Tomorrow will be a two-part session led by a business futurist followed with a roundtable panel of cruise industry veterans discussing how to attract that elusive "non-cruiser" to a holiday at sea.
Additional highlights of the day two will be Innovation Case Study II on Customer Experience Demos – Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence and the Safety and Security Symposium panel discussing Polar and Expedition Cruising Safety & Stewardship.
Wednesday 7 March features a full day of programming and opportunities led by the continued Innovation Case Study Series. A new session titled Enhancing Your Brand with Art and Interior Design – Defining ROI and Trends in Cruise Ship Entertainment will debut as part of the series incorporating experts across multiple disciplines.  Another highlight of third day programming will be the regional spotlights on markets including The Future Outlook for Caribbean Cruising and Asia/Australasia. The Seatrade Safety & Security Symposium will be dedicated to this sector offering multiple programs on Wednesday including The Future For LNG Powered Cruise Ships & Environmental Initiatives to Reduce Emissions session.
The final day of Seatrade Cruise Global 2018, Thursday 8 March, will bring experts from two trending areas to the cruising world. Hospitality Case Studies – Digital Experience will review the best practices of leading land-based companies communicating with consumers online.  Top Travel Bloggers Speak Out will share insight in the Cruising Innovations Theater and will cap off Seatrade Cruise Global's most comprehensive program to date.
The complete conference schedule can be found at Seatrade Cruise Global's website. The website includes sections on registration details and deadlines for attendees, exhibitor and media resources, as well as travel information and a contact section for UBM, owner of the Seatrade Cruise Portfolio.


Baros Maldives reveils renovated Deluxe Villas with new luxurius upgrades

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Baros Maldives reviews renovated Deluxe Villas with new luxurious upgrades

NORTH MALE ATOLL, THE MALDIVES - Recently awarded “Resort of the Year 2017” by Small Luxury HotelsBaros Maldives continues its reputation of always staying ahead of guests’ expectations with new sophisticated upgrades to its Deluxe Villas. The interiors of the 24 Deluxe Villas feature a generous 957 square feet of living space transformed with bright décor reflecting the spirit of the destination. Polished wooden furniture is neo art-deco in style with simple, classical shapes redefining luxury accommodation, with a new, flat screen television on a contemporary easel. Silently sliding French windows open onto a white sandstone deck, widened to accommodate a large day bed and a table for two for alfresco dining or cocktails as the sun sets. The stylish villas also include king size bed, with a breath-taking view of the sea, and work and vanity tables in side alcoves.
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Baros Maldives reviews renovated Deluxe Villas with new luxurious upgrades
A unique feature of these upgraded Villas is the beautiful, partly open-air bathroom with waterfall shower in a sandstone-walled flower garden and stand-alone oval bathtub. The underside of the timber roof is painted white to reflect natural light; a ceiling fan cools the air. Each Deluxe Villa, with thatched roof of palm fronds and set in its own flower garden with private access to the beach, blends seamlessly into the natural environment of the island resort.
Every Deluxe Villa at Baros Maldives is self-contained and replete with superior quality extras; guests are attended by a Villa Host on call 24 hours a day.

Virgin Trains opens new Coventry Bike Hub

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Virgin Trains opens new Coventry Bike Hub

Virgin Trains today opened its new Bike Hub at Coventry Station, one of four schemes that has delivered an additional 574 secure spaces for cyclists on the West Coast route.

Working in partnership with the Department for Transport (DfT), Coventry City Council and the Rail Delivery Group, Virgin Trains created the Coventry Bike Hub with funding from the DfT’s Cycle Rail Fund. The scheme cost £349k, bringing the total investment in improved cycling facilities to £1.25m with Bike Hubs having also been introduced at Rugby, Birmingham International and Preston stations in the last year.

Councillor David Welsh, Deputy Cabinet Member for Jobs and Regeneration at Coventry City Council was on hand to formally open the new 150 space facility, which cyclists can access using their own security fob. The fobs are normally priced at £5 and available from the station, but as part of the launch, the first 100 cyclists will get their fobs for free.

Paul Holland, Virgin Trains Project Manager, said: “We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to get to and from our stations. With a growing bike community in Coventry, a city with such a proud cycling heritage, we think it’s important that people have the option to hop on or off a bike when they take the train. We’re really proud of the Bike Hub and hope it encourages more people to get on two wheels before and after they board our trains.”

Councillor Welsh, added: “I am very pleased that Coventry City Council is supporting Virgin Trains in creating more space for cycles at Coventry Station. In the last year there has been a 20% increase in cycles parked at the station, meaning the current space is almost at full capacity.

“The new Coventry Station Bike Hub will more than double the number of cycle parking spaces available. Not only will this help those commuting to and from the station, it will also support our local economy and be of benefit to the environment. This is another great improvement for the city”.

unnamed (56)Paul Plummer, Chief Executive at the Rail Delivery Group, which brings together train operators and Network Rail to enable a better railway, said: “Record numbers of people are using cycles as part of their rail journeys. Projects like the Coventry Bike Hub are helping to drive this growth, highlighting the dedication and determination of our partnership railway, both inside and outside the rail industry to improve facilities for cyclists.

Rail Minister Paul Maynard said: “We’re committed to making our stations more accessible and better connected. This includes updating stations to ensure they can be easily accessed by rail users who are using bikes in record numbers.”

“The expansion of the Coventry Station Bike Hub, more than doubling the number of spaces available, is a step in the right direction and will improve the passenger experience on this important route.”

Guests paying $25 ‘destination charge’ at hotels near Times Square

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Guests paying $25 ‘destination charge’ at hotels near Times Square

Guests are being charged up to $25 (£19) per night for the privilege of sleeping near Times Square by the New York hotels.

Major hotel chains such as Marriott, Hilton and Starwood are adding the non-negotiable “destination charge” to guests’ bills in some of their prime location digs. This is convenient for the hotels as they can keep the official rate of the rooms same as what is shown on the booking sites while charging higher in person.

American hotels are notorious for applying a “resort fee” in popular holiday destinations such as Palm Springs, Las Vegas and Maui. It is the mandatory fee and covers include charges for using pool, gym, internet, newspaper which the guests need to clear before checking out. US-owned hotels across the Caribbean and Mexico also follow the same practise. Although, last year, it was rumoured that the Federal Trade Commission, which looks at fair pricing, was planning to outlaw the fees, and force hotels to incorporate them into the official room rate.

Marriott and Starwood’s Times Square hotels are charging $25 per day as a “destination fee” in Manhattan which refers to the hotels’ proximity to a “tourist attraction”! Starwood’s Niagara Falls hotels charge a similar destination fee of $19.95 per day.

Chorus Aviation announces leasing transaction with Ethiopian Airlines

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Chorus Aviation announces leasing transaction with Ethiopian Airlines

Chorus Aviation Inc. announced agreements to purchase two new Bombardier Q400 aircraft and lease them to Ethiopian Airlines Group
"Ethiopian Airlines is a premier, award-winning international airline with a terrific history of innovation, growth and economic success. We are absolutely delighted to welcome them as a customer of Chorus Aviation Capital and look forward to building this important relationship," commented Steve Ridolfi, President Chorus Aviation Capital. "Ethiopian is one of the largest and most profitable airlines in Africa, a member of the Star Alliance airline network, and the winner of numerous awards for airline management and customer service. We are honoured to add them to our growing portfolio of regional aircraft lessees and very pleased to extend our global reach to our sixth continent: Africa," he added.
"I am very pleased with the progress we have made in growing Chorus Aviation Capital's market position in regional aircraft leasing," stated Joe Randell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Chorus. "Upon completion of previously announced transactions, we'll have a leased aircraft fleet of 62 aircraft worth approximately CDN $1.2 Billion. We are building significant momentum in this business and look forward to additional future growth."

Zambia hosted World Tourism Organization Conference on Promoting Sustainable Tourism

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Zambia hosted World Tourism Organization Conference on Promoting Sustainable Tourism

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Conference on Promoting Sustainable Tourism, a Tool for Inclusive Growth and Community Engagement in Africatook place last 16-18 November in Lusaka, capital city of Zambia in cooperation with the Government of Zambia.
unwto zambia2017
According to UNWTO statistical data, the African continent had an increase of international arrivals of 8% in 2016, compared to the previous year. This, together with the increasing commitment of African governments to position tourism in their agenda, reveals the gaining prominence of the sector as well as its strong potential to foster positive change and transformation.
The Conference that was preceded by a technical workshop to revise strategies and approaches to develop sustainable tourism initiatives in the African continent, tackled these issues as well as the potential of sustainable tourism to lead policies to foster communities inclusion.  The summit was attended by more than 200 international and local participants from Angola, Egypt, Jordan, Cabo Verde, Guinea Equatorial Kenya, Mali, Republic of Congo, Sudan, Switzerland, Spain, Union of the Comoros, Malawi, Seychelles, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
The event commenced with a Ministerial Dialogue on Tourism, Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development in the African continent, attended by Charles Banda, Minister of Tourism and Arts of Zambia, Ronald Chitotela, Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development of Zambia, Taleb Rifai, UNWTO Secretary-General, Fatuma Hirsi Mohamed, Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism of Kenya, Abdelgadir Dmein Hassan Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife of Sudan and Dorothy Tembo, Deputy Executive Director at the International Trade Center. The session was moderated by Brownyn Nielsen, Editor-in-Chief at CNBC Africa who invited the attendees to showcase sustainable tourism practices in the region and how the sector could help achieve the SDGs and generate benefits for African societies.
The framework of the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals were defined together with the African Union Agenda 2063 as the best scenario to foster sustainable tourism in the continent.
unwto zambia 2017
Precisely to this green, responsible and eco-friendly tourism was dedicated the intervention of Charles Banda, Minister of Tourism and Arts of Zambia who emphasized that “sustainability is believed to be the link between the present and the future. As patrons of the tourism sector our role is to ensure that even our children’s children experience the same nature in the form that it currently is and not in a worse off state.”
As commented by Edgar Chagwa Lungu, President of the Republic of Zambia, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development is a unique opportunity to highlight the importance of the tourism sector and to promote activities to enhance the contribution of the sector for national economies. The President emphasized the capacity of tourism to contribute to local development and stated that “the Lusaka Declarationis an important milestone in the Agenda 2030 and towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and in the recognition of tourism as an essential development pillar.”
UNWTO Secretary-General Taleb Rifai, who congratulated Zambia for hosting the Conference as member of the UNWTO Executive Council and Chair for 2019, highlighted that the current world is facing major transformations namely the digital revolution, connecting our minds virtually and globally, the urban revolution, connecting our life style and our livelihoods and the travel revolution connecting us physically and culturally “Today, the world is at a major transformation juncture, rapid and fast change is the essence of our time. The three global forces are leading this transformation”, he added. During his visit, Rifai also declared the South Luangwa National Park of Zambia as a sustainable park.
Partnerships, technology and wildlife conservation at the core
The sessions were organized into four panels tackling Public-Private Partnership, the Role of Technology in the development of tourism, Wildlife conservation and Community Engagement and Air Connectivity in Africa.
The final outcome of the conference was the Lusaka Declaration on Promoting Sustainable Tourism Development, a Tool for Inclusive Growth and Community Engagement in Africa. The document, which places sustainability at the core of tourism development and on national and international development agendas, was adopted unanimously by all participants.

Aviation associations urge Dutch Government not to proceed with taxation policy

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Aviation associations

ERA, IATA, AIRE, AFRAA, A4A, AACO, AAPA, ALTA and NACC understand that the Dutch Government has announced its intention to address aviation’s environmental impact through taxation, envisaging a Europe-wide tax on aviation in the context of planned negotiations in 2019 on the ‘Paris climate objectives’. A tax on purported “noisy and polluting” aircraft is also under consideration and, if both measures are determined to be insufficient, an aviation passenger tax may be introduced in the Netherlands from 2021.

In addition to the contradiction with international law and principles, the associations highlight the negative impact of the previous air passenger taxes in the Netherlands and other European countries. The proposed taxation policy is also at odds with the principles that underlie all of ICAO’s requirements regarding environmental levies. ICAO adopted a Global Market-Based Measure in October 2016 to address emissions from international aviation, with overwhelming support from ICAO’s member states. The ICAO Assembly Resolution stipulates that CORSIA is to be the sole market-based measure applying to CO2 emissions from international aviation. The Preamble of ICAO Resolution A39-3 reiterates that market-based measures should not be duplicative and international aviation CO2 emissions should be accounted for only once. Moreover, intra-EU flights are subject to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, in which airlines already pay their contribution towards reducing the environmental impact.

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για Aviation associations

The aviation, travel and tourism sector plays a critical role in, and contributes significantly to, the Dutch economy and this should be supported and nurtured, not hindered by ineffective government taxation.


CRN presents an 86-metre Explorer Yacht designed by Harrison Eidsgaard

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για CRN presents an 86-metre Explorer Yacht designed by Harrison Eidsgaard

CRN, the historical Italian shipbuilder and brand, part of the Ferretti Group, presents its new project, an 86-metre Explorer Yacht designed by Harrison Eidsgaard.
This new innovative and dynamic 86-metre Explorer Yacht embodies CRN’s DNA while also epitomising the cutting-edge style of Harrison Eidsgaard, one of the leading international yachting design firms. The Londonbased designers have indeed cooperated with CRN to create this vessel, harmonising the fresh style of their brand with the historical heritage, know-how, and craftsmanship of one of the most important shipyards creating iconic fully-custom yachts in Europe.
Conceived for an Owner used to enjoying long voyages with his family all over the world, including in remote locations, this project empowers the concept of ‘exploration’ through areas specifically designed to house water toys and tenders that will allow to discover the most exciting and scenic corners, from the coastline to the most secluded bays, all the way to the sea depths. All guest areas, in turn, have been designed to ensure a constant, direct visual contact with the sea. This was the starting point for the design firm, which is vital to understand the various aesthetic and functional solutions that have taken shape during the long, painstaking creation of this new 86-metre Explorer yacht. Conceiving dedicated areas for a large number of specific tenders and water toys as part of a refined exterior design was a real challenge. An example of this is the installation of a forward davit capable of easily lifting, launching and hauling tenders and toys up to 50 tons. The wish to create a functional yacht and to ensure easy operations for the crew strategically drove the design of the yacht’s outer lines too, with an eye to obtaining a layout that would keep the guest living areas separate from the service areas where the crew will be operating.
Considering the ‘Explorer’ character of the yacht, the project features airy interior spaces with extensive glazed surfaces in the guest areas, first and foremost in the salons, allowing to enjoy navigation to the fullest regardless of outside weather conditions. Similarly, the interior layout and décor have been conceived to maximise onboard comfort and relaxation, thanks to magnificent panoramic views. It is not by chance that one of the key areas onboard is a spectacular terrace running along the entire Owner’s deck, recreating the atmosphere of an exclusive loft in New York and letting the family enjoy the utmost privacy and intimacy, especially during long-range cruising.